Trip to France 2015 (Day 3)

The group met in the courtyard of the high school this morning at 8:00. Students were rested and excited to share with the others what they did over the weekend. From what they explained, students were on the go the entire weekend!

Natalie visited the famous cathedral museum in Strasbourg and ate venison for the first time. Maria’s host family took her to a local traditional restaurant where she had lamb and duck for the first time and “the strongest mustard” she had ever tasted! Michelle had a blast zip lining in nearby forest. Sunday was Mother’s Day in France and Olivia’s entire host family gathered together for the celebration. She said that she enjoyed watching them interact and listening to them speak in French all afternoon. Sarahi’s family took her to a nearby village where she learned about the difference between roman and gothic architecture. Maree and Becca taught their French families how to play Go Fish and learned a few French card games as well. They both went swimming at a pool and got to do some shopping. Harold’s family took him to the black forest in Germany where he visited a famous waterfall and the Vosges Mountains. Lachlan attended a birthday party and said that it was not much different from our birthday celebrations in the US. Jessica went to the Europa amusement park which features the cuisine and architecture of different European countries. Claire said the highlight for her this weekend was simply spending time with her French family, an experience that she said is “incomparable to the experience one has as a tourist who visits a city without really getting to know its people.” Jackie went to a birthday party and said it was rewarding being able to use her French to socialize with people her age. Teju’s family took her to a spa in Germany which was known for its natural springs during the Roman Empire. She said that she appreciated the colorful architecture of this city. Callie crossed a bridge on foot which took her into Germany where she and her family got ice cream.


IMG_0945 IMG_0944


This morning one of the English teachers gave us a tour of the high school which is in the oldest part of Strasbourg. The chapel dates back to the 5th or 6th century. In the afternoon we visited the Council of Europe, had lunch in a beautiful park and then took a guided tour on a mini train through the city center. Students also had some time to go shopping.  At the park students were able to see many cigognes (storks), the symbol of Alsace. We learned that their nests can weight up to a ton! Maree thought  “it was so cool that there was an open zoo in the middle of the park!” Despite a bit of rain, we had a great time. Below are some pictures from the day’s excursions. More to report tomorrow including weekend activities for Juli and Tiara.


IMG_0954 IMG_0955
French high school


IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0950 IMG_0949
Council of Europe
IMG_0948 IMG_0946
Storks, symbol of Alsace region.


PS: Madame Capuzelo purchased a SIM card over the weekend. Her French phone number is 001133 6 45 37 31 28. You can also reach the English teacher, Jean-Pierre Fourcrey, at 001133 6 83 13 68 38.

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