Trip to France 2015 (Day 4)

After rain all day yesterday the sunny 80 degree weather was much appreciated. In the morning we did a scavenger hunt throughout downtown Strasbourg where students discovered significant historical and cultural figures and monuments. There were two teams and tomorrow we will view the answers and prizes will be distributed. This was such a fun idea to have planned for us. We then headed to a large outdoor market where students had 1.5 hours to stop at different stands to create their own picnic buying different cheeses, breads, meats, pastries, fruits, etc. Each family provided the student with money. They were able to put their French to the test and all got by just marvelously. We then took the food to a nearby park where we ate and had time to relax. We later headed to a local history museum. Temperatures are suppose to reach 90 by Friday! Below are some pictures from the day.

IMG_0957 IMG_0962

IMG_0960  IMG_0958

IMG_0967 IMG_0966


Scavenger Hunt in Strasbourg

IMG_0956 IMG_0965

IMG_0969    IMG_0964

IMG_0968  IMG_0961

Picnic with fresh food from French market

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