Trip to France 2015 (Day 11)

Today we visited a town known for gingerbread and students got to visit a small museum and gingerbread factory. We went to a nature center where we were acquainted again with storks, the region’s bird. Students had time to walk around a small, extremely charming village in the mountains. I asked students to note their impressions and send them to me throughout the trip. Callie wrote, “we visited a town that looked like it was straight out of Beauty and the Beast. I half expected Belle to come walking out with her book, singing about wanting more for herself. But since that did not happen, I couldn’t resist the urge to do it myself. And thus, I received many looks from confused French people.” Lastly, we visited a chateau that was originally built during the 12th century. It’s hard to believe that we leave Strasbourg on Thursday! 
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