Trip to France 2015 (Day 12)

Today we met the costume designer at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg and then walked to a nearby park where we play Pétanque, a game similar to Bocci Ball which originated in southern France. Today the game is popular throughout the entire country. French students only have a half of day of school on Wednesdays so at 11 am we returned to the school to meet the correspondents. 

“I like how everything is really old. Today, we saw a bakery that was established 500 years before the US was a country” – Teju
IMG_5476 IMG_5479
“Harold playing basketball with a group of middle school boys in the courtyard of the high school. “

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  • Eileen Walvoord says:

    Great cultural perspective! How can we truly understand this until we go there??? Bravo, les élèves de District 219. You have lived it!

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